We are ARG, the Alliance for Responsible Governance.

We are a swiftly adapting and developing group of students, though we are open to all members of the RPI Community. Join us.

We do not have a leader and welcome the contributions of all students. You will find that as you comment and email with new information and ideas, we will incorporate them into our vision.

Want to join the revolution?  Want to restore pride in RPI?  Want to really make RPI a better place?  Email us at rpiarg@gmail.com.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Leader Joe says:

    How do we know this ARG site isn’t a rouse from Pres Jackson to find the last voices of dissent around campus and shut it down once and for all? 😉

    The POLY is honestly failing. It is supposed to be the voice of the RPI community, and instead it is a re-hash of RPI (ie Pres Jackson) media releases.

    • rpiarg says:

      President Jackson would not have conceived a logo as classy as ours.

      We agree; the Poly is failing in its attention to these issues. We can only assume that either they aren’t aware of the reality (and we assure you we will be making them aware) or that they don’t have the people or commitment they need to do their job. We’re calling on all students who are able and interested to join the ranks of the Poly, to do reporting and investigation, and to truly bring these issues to light.

  2. Me! says:

    Has anyone else read this report: http://www.academicfreedomjournal.org/VolumeOne/Campbell-Koretz.pdf

    It’s mainly about the dissolution of the Faculty Senate. It’s a fantastic read and I think it has some very relevant points to this movement. As many students as possible should get their hands on it.

  3. WhatWouldShirleyDo says:

    I am one of the older students still here who remembers the 2008 Uprise at Five. That event was organized within 24hrs, for the students, by the students. The GM took charge of it, with a lot of help from UPAC & Wrpi who set up the speakers & mics. Even if you weren’t here for that event, the Board of Trustees were, and although we didn’t accomplish anything tangible, maybe a new group of rabblerousers from the Student Senate and ARG can set up the same thing. Although we rely on the GM and PU to speak for the students, they still have little influence- we are a private institution, and therefore give up those rights to protest how our money is spent.
    I think you ARG guys have a good thing going-I’d like to see some action soon!

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