Care to join the Alliance?

Welcome aboard! There be much t’ be done.


We have lots of questions that need answers and we believe that many share these concerns. In order to most accurately reflect the concerns felt by the RPI Community, we need input from as many people as possible. This means they must be aware of our existence.

Help Poster

You can download and print our posters yourself here. Please feel free to contact us with poster ideas, questions about postering, etc.

Tell Your Friends.

Word of mouth is how issues like this spread. Talk about ARG, but more importantly, talk about the issues which the school faces and what you think must be done about them.

Social Media

Check out our new Social Media page for all sorts of sharing links to make your job easy.

Information Gathering


We have some information about the issues which our school is facing, but we have more questions than answers. If you have resources/access to information, whether quantitative or qualitative which may be of help in forming a clearer picture of the situation we find ourselves in, please post it or send it along to your anonymity will be respected unless you specifically give us permission to release it.

You can also contact us through this web form (provide an email address if you would like to be added to the announcement list):


One thought on “Help!

  1. Francis Lam says:

    This group’s goals are obviously agreeable to us students, but I think what’s more important is for us to communicate with the administration. One serious concern I’ve heard again and again from faculty members is that the administrative board of RPI is like an entirely separate community from the rest of the Institute. We need to talk with Shirley and the board directly. We need to remind these people that Rensselaer is not a corporate entity but a SCHOOL. More importantly, we need to tell them how our goal can mutually benefit the entire Institute – student-faculty and administrators.

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