Why is our manifesto incomplete?  The overwhelming lack of information available by the ‘Tute!  We are working on finding as much information as possible, so if you know something, or someone else who knows something, email us, or comment here.

Temporary Manifesto

  1. Communication between RPI and the students,
  2. Administrative Accountability for the issues at RPI and the well-being of the Student Body in the short term
  3. Academic/Educational Excellence (Via Dan Zollman, see comment)

2 thoughts on “Manifesto

  1. Dan Zollman says:

    Although this might be outside of the scope of your movement so far, I’d like to raise an additional concern/interest. I would be in support of measures to improve the quality of academic programs at RPI, both at the level of curricula and at the level of individual courses. The bottom line is that no student should have to sit through a course that is not worth their time. However, this happens very frequently. Ostensibly, there is little attention to, or accountability for, strong pedagogy at RPI.

    Why is change needed? In my opinion, a good curriculum is an implicit part of the contract between a student and RPI; however, students don’t have a way to vet the quality of a course or a program before becoming a student or signing up for courses. Students are in a position that forces them to take low-quality courses are RPI, and this is unacceptable.

    RPI needs better mechanisms for review and self-improvement that will identify and solve problems on many levels: the overall structure and requirements of degree programs, the design of individual courses, and the quality of teaching.

  2. Dan Hakimi says:

    I must take issue with:

    “Communication between RPI and the students,”

    Not that it’s a problem for communication to occur — I’d urge that highly. But “between RPI and the students” is sheer nonsense, and I’m sure most of you know that. Name the actual bodies who you think should be communicating better with one another.

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