Postering, Informing Alumni

This is an adapted email that was sent to our email list recently. If you would like to be added to the list for future updates, please email us at

To summarize it: poster! and talk to Alumni.


We have great news, our efforts are beginning to get noticed. The senate has formed a committee to investigate exactly what it is that brought us all here.

It is important that we keep the pressure on, and, also, that we lend a hand in ensuring that this report is of the appropriate caliber. We will be endeavoring to learn more in order to allow you to work directly with those assembling the report. It’s important that ARG members remain dedicated throughout this process. This could be a means to the end we’re looking for, but if it’s not we’ll need to redouble our efforts. As sated before, this organization is in this for the long haul, you are all apart of that. Be proud.

To that end, alumni weekend is here and many of the alumni are around campus. There are new posters available here, print off 10 and put them up throughout the day. We’ve made arrangements to poster Friday night as well. With the attention that we’re getting, we have every reason to believe that most of these will be removed with prejudice. We can’t let that happen. There’s enough of us now that if everyone goes out and posts a few around campus, it will make a big difference. The alumni have very few ways to hear about what’s going on on campus. Let’s reach out to them. Be on campus. Talk to alumni. Ask them how things were when they were here. Strike up a conversation. Get them aware, get them informed, get them in the loop and on board.

That is the focus of this weekend. After that, we’re getting down to work on finding more answers to our concerning questions. We’ll have our first meeting next week. For details email us at



Taking root

If you haven’t yet seen it, there’s an active discussion about ARG and the issues facing RPI here. We’re starting to attract attention – people are seeing us and asking questions of us and of RPI. We have had over 4,000 views to our site since its launch (1,500 of them yesterday), and we are confident that this will keep growing. Our numbers have swollen, and you will soon see more of our presence on campus.

This is only beginning.

Expect to hear more from us.

On Responsible Governance

Last night, we sent this email to the students who have pledged to represent us here on campus.

Subject:  On responsible governance


Hello,You may or may not have heard of us. If you haven’t, trust that we will becoming another acronym common to vernacular here at dear old RPI.
We are the Alliance for Responsible Governance, and we are concerned.
In recent years there have been a number of policies enacted at RPI who’s merits have been somewhat doubted by the community at large. After some initial conversation, many of these were seemingly forgot. We are here to remind people.
Our demands are simple, that everyone take a comprehensive look at the effect these policies have had. We feel that the administration has been less than clear in addressing this, and therefore we, the RPI community, must address it ourselves. All of you are representatives of the Students, whether working in media or elected positions. We’re calling on you tonight with one demand – to do your jobs, to represent students, and to find out what’s going on. We demand a clear position, finally, on the effect of what has been happening here, so that we can put it to rest once and for all.
We are ARG, and we are not going away until our job is done.Expect to hear more from us.

And it begins…

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We are ARG, the Alliance for Responsible Governance.  Our mission is to protect our home and Alma Mater, RPI.  We love dear old RPI, and because of this, we are disturbed by several issues plaguing our university.  This includes the abrubt departures (“retirements?”) of many critical staff, the worrying headlines about RPI’s precarious financial situation (drop in our credit ratings, huge debt, endowment spending, etc), the failure to implement and maintain many “visionary” programs at RPI (Think CLASS, EMPAC, entrepreneurship, and many others), our dramatic drop in school rankings (most notably in the engineering school), the disturbing absence of our president, Dr. Jackson, and a lack of communication between the president and just about everyone else.

RPI is not just a place to take classes, it is a place to learn & grow.  This includes experiences in the classroom, as well as through clubs, the student union, programs in residence halls, research and so much more.  Students are not “customers,” we are a part of this university.  Therefore, our voices must be heard loud and clear.

ARG is not the first group dedicated to saving our school.  Many others such as RPI is RPI not Rensselaer, Students Against Financial Mismanagement, and Uprise at 5 (video) have come before us.  However, none of these groups were successful in accomplishing change at RPI.

ARG WILL be different.

We will:

  1. Figure out what is going on at RPI
  2. Demand that the administration begin seekings student input for policies which will affect us
  3. Develop a manifesto of our mission, vision, and goals as an alliance
  4. Hold the President, administration, and other parties responsible for RPI governance accountable
Want to join the revolution?  Want to restore pride in RPI?  Want to really make RPI a better place?  Email us at