Past Movements

RPI students and faculty have frequently, especially during recent years, organized movements and protests to make their voices heard.  We, the people of ARG, recognize that we’re only one movement of many, and we believe strongly that we must study previous movements so that we know how we can succeed where they may have failed (or, if they succeeded, what they did right).   The movements on this page are organized by President – we list the name, the outcome, the dates, and a link to a blog page giving more information.

18: Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, 1998-current  [overview]

17: Dr. R. Byron Pipes, 1993-1998 (resigned after no-confidence vote)  [overview]

16: Dr. Roland W. Schmitt, 1988-1993  [overview]

15: Dr. Daniel Berg, 1984-1987 (forced out)  [overview]

14: Dr. George M. Low, 1976-1984

13: Dr. Richard J. Grosh, 1971-1976

  • Protests Against the RPI Administration
  • Student Member of the Board of Trustees Movement
  • Presidential Selection Crisis

12: Dr. Richard G. Folsom, 1958-1971

  • Requisites for a Technological University
  • Apathy Party

11: Dr. Livingston W. Houston, 1944-1958


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